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Comment : Awesome page!!!! for a starter...... lol love ya gramma!

Name : Scarlet Ohara
Comment : Great job mom......keep up the good work.....:-) I luv Ya...and in case I don't tell you enough....Thanx fer your help..........

Name : Michael Gower
Comment : Nice work Sparrow. Well put together with great personal notes

Name : Bill Dunsmore
Comment : Very helpful site!

Name : Josh
Date : 3/31/2001
Comments : Nice Page!

Name : The Chuck Wagon
Date : 3 April 2001
Comments : Just found this site while on the TruckNet and short at time at the moment, so I will be back. Looks great at the opening and full of good information to it seems! Thanks for the work.

Name : Bobbie
Date : April 4, 2001
Comments : Your site is looking good with lots of info for everyone.

Name : Jim Spin
Date : 03/05/2001
Comments : Great Site... You put all the info we give people at the R/T in one place... From now on I'm gonna just link them to your site. Keep up the great work.

Name : msmaxidyne2u
Date : April 7, 2001
Comments : Nice job on your web page ! Luv your little doggie too! So cute! :-)

Name : John Gilpin
Date : 04/24/01
Comments : Hey sparrow u have a great site and very helpful for us newbies LOL keep up the good work on it

Name : krusty
Date : 4-23-01
Comments : Good luck with your website sparrow

Name : debbie
Date : 04/24/2001
Comments : hi sparrow , thanks for your help, i'll let u know how it turns out with my son in law.

Name : Chaplain Michael Jackson
Date : 05/04/01
Comments : I commend you for the hard work in putting this site together and for being there for the drivers. You have captured definition of love. We are here for you. In His love MJJ

Name : Highway Hank Good
Date : 11 May 2001
Comments : Dear Sparrow, You have a wonderfully nice and very informative website here for us truckers. Thanx. Keep up the good work. Thanx also for taking care of those changes for me so fast. Best wishes Highway Hank

Name : kelley koenegstein
Date : 06/10/01
Comments : I'm a newbie, just finishing a cdl school and have a bunch of questions. Your wounderful site has helped my In finding so much info that I needed. thank you very much

Name : Dean Docter
Date : 7-10-01
Comments : Nice site. Nice family. One thing seems to be consistent in trucking is a strong family. Check out and see what were up to.

Name : Butch Litteral/Butch's Transport
Date : 09/12/01
Comments : Cool site.Just wanted to say so!

Name : Janice
Date : Sept 20/2001
Comments : Very nice page. lots of great info!

Name : Carl T
Date : 9/20/01
Comments : Total Coverage for the professional driver. Bravo, I applaud your effort and dedication to the profession. I will certainly spread the word to all my fellow truck drivers out there to take a look at this site.

Name : Rick Renders
Date : oct 4 2001
Comments : Great site will keep checking it out I made a page for my boss in London Ontario Canada check it out dude ^5 n keep the shinny side up eh

Name : Sandra
Date : 10/18/01
Comments : Your site looks great! Come to my web site and check it out. We are a search engine for trucking jobs that allows you to apply to any carrier in the U.S. Over 57,000 companies nationwide. We also have a driver homepage area where we feature a home

Name : Highway Hank Good
Date : 11/11/01
Comments : Hello Sparrow, I'm back for a vist to your wonderful Homepage. Keep up the good work. Best wishes, Highway Hank

Name : kingsley
Date :
Comments : G-Day from Australia I just stop by your site again I like it last time so this time I thought I would sign your guest book, please stop by our web site some it is all about the longest trucks you ever seen in the vas Outback of Australia, all

Name : Teflon Don
Date : 01/13/02
Comments : Keep on rollin'. Really like the music, but my wife "6 Days on the Road" and thought it was my theme song "I Like My Women Just a Little On the Trashy Side!".

Name : Dave Merovitz
Date : 15/01/02
Comments : Please put my site onto your links. Thank you very much! Dave 1-888-950-2227

Name : dave lloyd
Date : 16.05.02
Comments : excellent site.good info

Name : James Petrow
Date : 06/11/02
Comments : Thank you for your hard work .. GREAT site!!

Name : CrazyHorse (Glenn Allbritten)
Date : 20020718
Comments : Thanks for a great place to stop a while. I was an OTR driver for Hornady Truck Lines, called back to active Army in 2001. Miss the road alot.